Saturday, August 20, 2011

cheap ninja blender 1100 price sale


Customer Reviews

I have had the ninja blender 1100 price for two weeks, and am very happy with my purchase. I bought the Ninja because my Oster blender doesn't have the power to do a good job crushing ice for frozen drinks or blend frozen fruit and ice into sorbets or smoothies. My brother bought a Vitamix, which does an excellent job, but at over $600 is WAY outside my price range.

Overall, the Ninja does a great job. The blender is powerful enough to turn a full carafe of ice into fine snow. I take frozen fruit (peaches, mixed berries) add a little fruit juice, ice, Splenda and yogurt to make awesome fruit sorbet for dessert - it comes out the consistency of soft-serve ice cream. It also makes some of the best frozen margaritas ever - smooth and icy, but you can use less ice because it is so powerful.

If you read some other reviews, you will see that there are complaints that the blender doesn't always blend everything perfectly smooth. The important word here is "perfectly" - it does sometimes leave small bits of ice or fruit. However, if "great" is what you are looking for instead of "perfect", you should be really happy with this purchase.